Working in international school in Egypt requires having Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject for your chosen subject to teach. To have an opportunity with one of the well-known schools who well-paying you have to hold a   Teaching Diploma PGCE, QTS and \ at least three years prior teaching experience. For English teaching position you must be a native English Speaker. Your qualifications should be obtained in the west (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa).

Some schools recruit French native teachers to be French language teachers.
You must have all of the above to be accepted for most positions, additionally a TEFL and full teaching qualifications; will increase your chances in addition to a teaching certification.

Visa &work permit:

Most of the schools take the burden of the permit. Here’s what you’ll need to provide them with to apply for a work permit in Egypt:

  • Completed work permit application form from the Manpower and Training Directorate-Tahrir Complex.
  • Valid passport
  • 7 x passport photos
  • 2 x company incorporation contract.
  • 2 x Tax ID Card.
  • A copy of the commercial register.
  • 2 x certificates of any academic degrees associated with your profession
  • • A memorandum justifying the recruitment of the foreigner for that job, stating the reasons for not recruiting an Egyptian as well as the tasks assigned to the foreigner together with the name of the Egyptian assistant whose qualifications and experience are consistent with the foreigner.
  • Approval of the related Authority (Ministry of Education, the private sector authority.).
  • A delegation from the school to the person who is going to apply for the work permit on your behalf